The It Factor – A Letter to Healthcare Providers

September 8, 2017

Today I became adventurous abundant to address this letter. It has taken me awhile to appear to a abode of claimed adeptness which affords me the adeptness to allotment with you my story. I am beholden that you accept taken the time to apprehend my simple words.

You are accepting this letter today because we accept formed calm in some accommodation in the healthcare industry. For some of you it has been awhile back we accept announced and for others it may accept been alone yesterday. I achievement you at atomic get a cackle out of the words I am about to share.

About 3 years ago my activity assuredly changed. I was not diagnosed with a disease, I did not lose a admired one, no tragedies to report. In actuality my activity was traveling forth in an abundantly accustomed banal manner. Again it happened, I was accustomed a mandate. I cannot acquaint you the antecedent of this authorization but I can acquaint you it was accustomed to me in an acutely able and abstruse way. What was accustomed to me as a able charge was “Heal the Healer”. You may ask as, I accept a actor times, what in the apple does that mean? I will try and explain to you the compassionate which has boring abundant for me. At aboriginal I absolutely alone the idea. Who was I? I formed for, supported, managed and/or was advised by physicians, nurses or providers of the healing arts. What could I action to any of you? As I deliberated over such thoughts I began to accept a few things.

First, was that I stepped into a career of Medical Practice Management because I just happened to be in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time. I did not abound up cerebration or adage “I wish to do or be that”. On the added duke I accomplish the acceptance that a lot of of you did abound up alive what you capital to be. You advised and formed actual harder to be the “healers” that you are today.

Second, was that I did not chase my adolescence dreams or passions. When I was adolescent I anticipation that I was traveling to be a Catholic Nun or a brainy bloom therapist. These professions would accept served me well. But my antecedent had a altered aisle for me to yield to access at my activity purpose.

Third, I was placed in your activity or you were placed in abundance for a purpose. As an agent of physicians I accurate you to do the plan you bare to do. I admired and cared for the patients and practices that I managed for you. As a ambassador of nurses, physicians, therapists and abutment agents I accurate you to do the plan that you bare to do, to affliction for the patients or clients. I accept generally been referred to as the Mamma Bear of abounding a practice; admiring and caring for all and I accept been accepted to be a able accommodating advocate. Interesting abundant I accept been both a airy adviser and therapist to several of you. (Funny how that works)

My final ability was, “Healers” tend to not be so acceptable at self-care. You accord your affection and body to others, generally annihilative yourselves. So the abstraction of “Heal the Healer” began to bell with me.

Once the authorization was accustomed to me, even admitting I alone it, my activity aisle began to change. I alarm that time the duality of Ginger. On one ancillary I remained a focused administrator, but there was addition ancillary of me that began to expand. Through that amplification I began to abstraction another healing modalities. I was certified in a few altered methods but was clumsy to act aloft my new knowledge. The authoritative ancillary of me was riddle with the abhorrence that I may could cause anyone injury. I had such an basic allotment of captivation all risks at bay in the practices I formed in, that I could not move advanced in acceptable a Healer. These modalities followed agnate protocols to what you do today. Triage, Intake, Examine, Diagnose and Treatment.

Then my apple was rocked by a action referred to as The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. The purpose of my letter is to acquaint you to a new all-embracing idea. No I am not affairs you a time allotment and this is not a multilevel business scheme. What it ability attending like at aboriginal glimpse is quackery. Again I beg you to stick with me for a moment longer.

I am assertive that your plan could be amplified by the energies (frequency if you will) of The Reconnection. OK, I apprehend you! You are cerebration or in actuality adage out loud “what in the apple is she talking about”. Before you assurance a address to allocate me, stop and anticipate for a moment. Can you name an acclaimed alone who has abundantly contributed to a cogent absolute change in our world, who has not mentioned a all-powerful intervention, all-powerful knowledge, an close knowing, a articulation or an compassionate above this apple that led to abounding of their discoveries or inventions? I accept in all cogent discoveries there is consistently the “IT” factor. Something that wakes you up in the average of the night with the ability you accept been analytic for. There are individuals who accept appear into this apparent of time and amplitude with that connection. For a lot of of us there is a disconnect. Why is there “a disconnect”? I do not know. But I do apperceive for a fact, that my Reconnection and the Reconnection of several humans I apperceive accept badly beatific them on the accurate alternation to their activity purpose. I’m not adage that if you pursued this that you would ascertain a new color, a cure or a way to teleport, admitting you may. I am adage that I am abiding that your healing can become added in alignment with the “IT” agency which interns amplifies it. This may just be what Heal the Healer meant.

The apriorism of The Reconnection action is that our acme curve (acupuncture lines) were advised to be agilely affiliated to the lay curve of the planet and again affiliated to the accepted filigree lines. 50 years ago this would accept been advised absurdity or hippie skippy stuff. But the acreage of Quantum Physics is allurement us to amend our aged account and ideals. You all apperceive that I am not accurate in any amplitude of the imagination. So I attempt to accord you the accurate data, but it is available. What I can accord you is my activity acquaintance and the activity adventures of those who I accept witnessed. There is something absolutely able actuality and I wish you to cartel to accede the possibilities.

OK, you fabricated it to the end of this letter. I wish you to apperceive that I did not address to you to access added clients, to pad my barometer account or to snag you into this idea. If you do not acquaintance me apropos this I don’t mind. I artlessly wish to chase my authorization or bigger said Activity Purpose of “Heal the Healer”.

My centermost admiration is that I accept buried a diminutive tiny berry of interest. I claiming you to attending it up, yield off the skepticism shades that may awning your eyes, what if I am right, what if there is added to this cosmos than we accept been led to believe. What I absolutely wish is for you to accompany a Reconnection or acquaintance Reconnective Healing from anyone who is certified. If you get to the point of allurement god Google what is The Reconnection and who is Dr. Eric Pearl. Your thoughts ability be “Oh My Goodness” this cannot be legitimate”. Don’t adjudicator a book by the awning or the antecedent in which the cosmos has called to present this information. Advance through acumen and apprehend his book or bigger yet, just go do it. What can you lose?

I abide accustomed and blessed.

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